Connecting with Your Children Through Parent Coaching

Child development delays? Behavior concerns? Need to connect with a child or teenager? Nowadays more than ever parent coaching is in high demand.

With so many distractions like social media, technology, apps, and everyday busyness families have little quality time to connect. Parent coaching is a way to interrupt habits and old patterns of behavior by introducing new ideas and improve family time. Reconnect with the younger generation and learn how to play again. Through learning there is play and through play there is learning. We at Monterey Therapy Center introduce graceful parenting skills; a parenting approach to engage the family unit with family values.

Parent Concerns:

Want to start a new family tradition but unsure how to start?  How do I engage with my children? My children don’t seem to listen to me anymore, what can I do?  How can I introduce choirs?  How do I discipline? When can I help my children with homework? Why don’t we eat at the same time? How can we as a family unplug together?  I want to do more activities with my family but not sure where to begin, what can I do? I want to be my son or daughters’ best friend but is this right thing to do?

Our Goals Include:

  • Understand and realize your strengths as a parent and learn areas to improve
  • Develop better communication skills and disciplinary techniques
  • Learn how to engage and play with a young child or children
  • How to implement better discipline practices and promote problem solving skills
  • Children learn by watching and often model what they see (Mindfulness parenting)
  • Recognize positive and negative reinforcements
  • Parent self-care tips (Mommy and Daddy Time Out)
  • How to stay consistent in the parent role


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Parenting 101:

When we love our children yet, hinder their growth we are doing them a disservice. Children need structure, discipline, boundaries, and good examples. Having structure in place sets the tone for what is expected of them. Children need discipline and with that comes respect. Setting boundaries in the home environment carries over into healthy and loving relationships. When we model good examples in the home this too carries over to friendships, personality characteristics, and overall good behavior. When this is done consistently overtime the result is a win-win. Making small adjustments now can have lasting results for your children and their lives moving forward. We teach practical tips and common-sense approach to everyday parenting.


Early intervention has shown to be the most effective foundation tool for families dealing with learning and behavior. Parenting a child on the spectrum comes with different challenges.  As with all children, children need guidance, boundaries, love, and discipline. However, parenting a child with ASD requires a special level of awareness and patience. Most children with ASD have difficulty with communication, tactile development, sensitivity to sound and light, processing information and learning. Parental success involves; approach, expectations, and receptiveness.  Ensuring a solid foundation is set forth before beginning any learning process. 

Transitions made simple:

All children experience transitions but for a child with ASD a new experience can trigger unexpected behavior. Some transitions include; going to school, getting on a bus, new school, new school year, transitioning to middle school, starting high school, learning to drive, moving, divorce care two separate households, and more. Each child with ASD responds differently to environmental stimuli, making each transition a unique experience. Understanding the transition process and what it is like for the child or young adult is part of the process.

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