What is a Life Coaching?

A Certified Life Coach (CLC):

A Certified Life Coach guide is an individual who helps uncover roadblocks and obstacles that prevent people from moving forward. A Certified Life Coach provide tools and strategies assisting people in reaching their personal goals. Life Coaching activates a client’s own self-discovery and life purpose. A Life Coach assists clients in making progress in all areas of their life such as; relationships, health, lifestyle, career, finding balance, spirituality, finances, and more. Our niche of Life Coaching is a catalyst for change. We can show you the steps to self-discovery a 7-step model for change and develop a strategic plan designed for you.

Understanding What We Think:

The art of thought and mastering how and what we think about is truly an art form. Thought and thinking create feelings and our feeling towards something generates action or actualization. If our thinking is negative or under the rope, then this is what we feel and generate. If our thought is positive our feeling and behaviors correspond in a peaceful happy attitude towards self and others. It has been said a peaceful mind generates power. Throughout the lifespan we are all faced with challenges, differing circumstances, and self-doubt and mostly self-sabotage. When we doubt our own ability, this keeps us bound and unable to reach our goals. When we are faced with making life choices that alter our life’s course, we must confront those thoughts and feelings by mastering what we want to see have happen. A Life Coach can help a client realize their full potential, their gifts and strengths. A Life Coach can guide a client to find more meaning and fulfillment in their life.

The art of saying No and setting Boundaries:

When we set boundaries for ourselves, we are teaching people how we want to be treated. When we say No to someone it is not up to us how they feel but rather telling our self-it’s ok and that No is a beautiful word. Learning how to say No and setting Healthy Boundaries takes time as most of us have not yet mastered this skill. Setting Healthy Boundaries does not push people away but rather sets the tone for building better relationships. A Certified Life Coach can guide a client to developing and strengthening healthier boundaries and introduce the word No into your vocabulary. 

Finding more Joy through Change:

One common trait most people want is to be happy having joy in everyday life. What if it were that simple that we could all be happier. Sometimes people experience anxiety and depression which could be a chemical imbalance, biological, or co-morbid mental disorder where a life coach is not for you. But if you are stuck or unsatisfied where you are in life and need to change then a certified life coach is appropriate. Joy, happiness, and contentment are personal characteristics we all want to enjoy more of.

  • Why do some people demonstrate these characteristics more so than others?
  • Are they born this way, or do they just think differently?
  • A Life Coach can help you identify your thoughts, words, moods, and attitudes towards finding more joy.

Cultivating a plan of action to find more joy and happiness in your life each day. Finding time in life for quiet moments in times of turmoil and remembering difficult times will not last forever.


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Change means forward progress:

Where there is knowledge there is power. Someone once said, “Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge.” When we make informed choices, we are closer to our goal and living our authentic life.  Change often requires being uncomfortable, irritable and uncertain of the future.

Change is the catalyst for forward progress. Life is a series of transitions and a multitude of interactions with others.  Life proceeds forward and it happens repeatedly. This life is a personal journey to which each of us must draw our own interpretation while discovering our own truth. When we simply change direction, this is a road to a better detour, a fork in the road. Ultimately, when people are faced with a deviation it is a chance for growth and learning. This is the gift.

However, growth and learning require change.  As in life, we are making choices every day that shape the trajectory of our lives. Life is always offering us something. Similar, to how seasons’ change, events in our life do too. Each one of us has a unique story and journey that we are on. We should be enjoying that journey no matter what. Consider your value system as your life compass – directing you towards your “true north” – change is the place to be true to you!

Therefore, we set power goals in life coaching work.

With a solution-focused intervention plan a client can make positive change quickly and easily.

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